Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Foreclosure Website Showcasing Listings

We all have heard there are a ton of foreclosures in Las Vegas spuring a host of foreclosure services from bus tours to specialzed agents. It is truly like panning for gold when searching for a foreclosure.

Sure the home home is going for $100k or more less than other listed properties in the same area BUT you have to consider cash out of pocket to get the property either rent ready or livable.

We have seen some pools that could double for Loch Ness meaning there is some serious work needed to be functional. Some of the foreclosures are picked clean. The former owners or tenants have removed all of the appliances, fixtures, celing fans, lighting and in some cases the carpet and pad.

Be aware and don't settle for something because its cheap.

One of the biggest problems is there are no photos online to compare apples to apples. This is why we have started
TourLVForeclosures.com , a Website dedicated to giving you photos and video of foreclosures in Las Vegas. We are starting with Summerlin specifically and moving from hotspot to hotspot in Vegas. Check it out today!

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