Monday, April 10, 2006

Urban Village Alert - Wait to purchase from Centex

As many of you know the Urban Village project has been advertising for two years gathering names and email addresses.

Many of you may have received a letter, phone call or email from the Blue Tipping Group. This company has been giving first crack at sales at everyone on their lists they have been generating via the Web for over two years. The Blue Tipping Group is a marketing company and by signing a reservation with them you are contracting to use them as your Real Estate representation in most cases without your knowledge.

The process is as follows:

1. You will be asked to make a reservation to attend a private preview.
2. At that preview you will be asked to leave a $5,000 deposit to be on a list that potentially gives you the right purchase a unit.
3. At this presentation, you do not choose a unit nor is pricing revealed.

Centex the developers of Urban Village are ramping up their sales staff and will be selling direct to the public within 30 days. Wait to purchase. The prices when released will be the same.

Buy via your personal REALTOR who is there to protect your interests by reviewing your contract and watching your back. The contracts that most luxury condos developers are using have been customized to protect them so BE CAREFUL.


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