Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Mayor Goodman Speaks about the Downtown Revitalization Project

Sept 14th - Four Seasons Hotel - Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Meeting for Presidents Club and Board of Advisors - Guest Speaker - Mayor Goodman In his charismatic way Mayor Goodman discussed his vision for Las Vegas and how he intends to bring back old Vegas to the downtown district. He spoke of the "Jewel of the Desert" a concept being realized on 61 acres near the Chelsey Mall as well as many other projects such as Sandurst Las Vegas and other Luxury High Rise Projects that are in planning stages or in progress.

The Mayor outlined all of the exciting projects that are being worked on to bring business, new medical research centers, Broadway theaters, a professional sports team as well as countless other projects that will elevate Las Vegas to a major U.S. city. If you get a chance to hear Mayor Goodman speak or meet him don't pass it up.

There is a reason he is is called "The worlds happiest Mayor"


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